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OK – Back to talking about technology things! 🙂

I feel like again I should state this – I’m not a shill for any product, If I’m talking about it, it’s because I use it (or my customers do) and love it or I hate it.

With this particular product line, I can also say that I’ve sat on the Quosal advisory board for a meeting so have a little more view point to the future of the product than some other people. But I have no financial interest in any of the customers, nor do I get paid from any of them!

Now, that’s out of the way, I want to spend some time talking about what I consider to be the Dream Team of the MSP world.

Anittel utilise what Connectwise calls “The IT Office bundle” of Connectwise, Quosal and Labtech. We have used Connectwise for all 3 years of Anittel, Quosal for probably 2 and Labtech for only 4 months or so.

Firstly, Connectwise is the secret sauce, this is our ‘source of truth’ and where all of our data resides in one format or another – configurations from Labtech, Quotes as Opportunities from Quosal etc – everything goes into this system and it’s where we pull and push data to and from, for instance to our reporting tool for MIT customers (shoutout to Brightgauge!) and to our accounting package. It’s utilitarian and built as a robust PSA for MSPs – you’re limited by your imagination only with what you want to do with and all of our 210 staff use this on a daily basis for everything from documentation to time sheeting and invoices. This isn’t a basic service desk bolted onto a RMM tool – this is a ITIL based full featured PSA tool.

Quosal, well, what can you say about Quosal. We purchased it basically to get uniformity to our sales proposals – but it’s so much more than that today. Kent, Steven and Sam are pretty much geniuses and this is actually my favourite product of the three. Quosal will do opportunity management for you (in conjunction with Connectwise), has a fully featured web and mobile client, picture based quoting (ask them for a demo of this) and enables you to protect sales margin in a way unseen in any competing products. We have seen a significant improvement in hardware and software gross margin from the implementation of this product and it has more than paid for itself many times over.

I’ve also been fortunate to see the ‘next’ version of Quosal and you’ll just have to take my word for it, it’s awesome.

What I like a lot about Quosal is that it’s designed for sales people, it’s not designed for highly technical people, so it’s very simple to use and will save sales people time which means adoption is a breeze.

Finally, Labtech – we recently transitioned from Kaseya to Labtech and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made over the last 3 years. We were using Kaseya as a simple remote control tool and not really unlocking the true value of the product, one could debate whether it was the Kaseya product, or our adoption of the Kaseya platform – but the Labtech product itself more than stands on it’s own two feet as a stand alone RMM tool whereas Kaseya was a RMM and PSA tool built into one (with more development work being done on the PSA than the RMM), it’s value therefore was limited as we already had a investment in Connectwise. Our staff are loving Labtech thus far and the work that it’s done on minimising our alerts, maintaining our clients PCs and Servers without as much intervention has done wonders for the improvement of our productivity.

But the main reason we transitioned to Labtech because we saw a lot of value in the integration piece between Connectwise, Quosal and Labtech which holds a lot of promise to us due to our size and the synergies we can obtain by having tight integration between the three products.

I know Arnie at IT Nation 2012 demonstrated a similar scenario I’m paraphrasing here, which if you saw should have made you run out and buy all three products but if you didn’t I’m about to blow your mind with awesomeness

Arnie demonstrated a PC installed with Labtech, a Quosal client and a Connectwise Client – the PC was underspecified with resources and required additional RAM. Here’s the information flow which mostly occurs AUTOMATICALLY!

  • The Labtech agent showed too little RAM for the users performance requirements
  • This pushed a configuration into Connectwise
  • A quote was then raised for RAM options automatically in Quosal and emailed to the Account Manager for their review (maybe 1 x 8Gb or 2 x 4gb with options for both)
  • An opportunity was created in Connectwise for this opportunity
  • The customer receives an email quote via OrderPorter and gives their approval electronically
  • This approval closes the opportunity in Connectwise and posts an order to your accounting package (if setup)
  • A ticket is created automatically for the install of the RAM into Connectwise
  • Once the ticket is completed and closed, the configuration is updated in Connectwise and a ‘before and after’ configuration email is automatically sent to the customer showing the amount of RAM they had before and what they have now

How awesome is that?!?!?! Did your head just explode?!

This is true demand generation from your RMM tool out to your quoting tool and delivers value through your tools to your customers that you couldn’t have with really any other tools in this same format.

All of this stuff isn’t future technology or pipe dream stuff, it’s here and now. If you want to talk about how we leverage these tools, please feel free to call, email or message me below!