About Me

Starting out with his very first PC – a Commodore 64 purchased by his father at the age of 8, Rob has had a keen interest in all things technology.

Rob started his IT career as a trainee in the IT Consulting area, earning his stripes in an innovative regional IT company then rising quickly through the ranks of that business into a national IT Manager role and then into a Beijing based Asia-Pacific IT Manager for a large listed Swedish multinational. Rob has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see the length and breadth of the IT industry from a very early age and get the ability to live and work overseas as a integral part of that.

Growing up as a small farm town boy from outside of Albury, New South Wales, Australia, Rob currently brings the practicality and pragmatism from this upbringing to bear on complex technology and business process problems for one of Australia’s leading digital web brands – Open Universities Australia.

Rob is most at home when discussing the best ways to leverage technology to achieve business outcomes for organisations he’s working with. Understanding that investment in technology should be measured like all other capital investments and a return on this capital allocation demanded has enabled Rob to provide successful technology leadership to a number of customers from many different verticals and of varying sizes.

Personally, Rob has a keen interest in Mixed Martial Arts, fitness, spending time with his very cute Pugs Floyd, Betty and Percy and travelling to new and interesting places, meeting new people and exploring their worlds.

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