April 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

Working back on my 3 times a week blog posting and another topic I’ve been thinking a lot about is outsourcing.

I’m a little obsessed with ODesk.com at the moment to the point where I’ve pretty much outsourced every aspect of my life that I don’t like to do myself onto ODesk. It’s been both a liberating and somewhat scary experience and I believe that it’s a similar feeling of that which companies who outsource their IT for instance feel when undertaking that process.

There’s a few things which lend itself very easily to outsourcing on something like ODesk – anything that is people resource intensive but can be easily explained via email or Skype – such as Data Entry, Travel planning, secretarial work, web design or mobile app design, graphic design and translation services can all easily and cheaply be outsourced to people who wish to do it in their spare time, or wish to make a full time role out of outsourced services.

This really is the globalisation of resourcing and something which will become more prevalent once TRUST is established. In the current outsourcing or crowdsourcing models the one thing that is missing is trust assurance. Sure, you can check people’s reviews and their previous work, but would you really feel comfortable giving a stranger in another country all of your financial details to do your bookkeeping? Certainly there are some people who will take that risk once factoring in the reward, but many others will struggle to address the trust aspect before outsourcing some work. To those people, I would say exactly what I say to people who talk about the ‘cloud’ as a destination – there are some things that lend themselves to a model and others that do not, choose what you feel comfortable doing and when you’d feel comfortable doing it – dip your toes in and see what you think before taking a ‘trust’ leap.

I think a perfect first step is travel planning – if you have complicated and likely expensive travel coming up why not get an odesk.com account and ask someone to assist to find you the best/cheapest travel plans and hotels? It’s likely to cost you somewhere between $6 and $12 per hour, but isn’t it better that someone comprehensively checks out your plans for you for what likely amounts to less than $30 and could save you hundreds or have you staying somewhere with better reviews? It’s a great use of the technology and you won’t be sorry you try! They’ll even send you synopsis of the hotel reviews and airline reviews if you ask to make your decision process much quicker and easier.

Anyway, I love it, I’m off to work out how to Outsource my blog posts to a third party 😉

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